The best workout of your life!

12346376_429535923910823_1478493234831094946_nStr8Beasting Fitness was started by Ray “The Beast” Sobers. Ray is a bodybuilder, and personal trainer whose goal is to become an IFBB pro. He is also an avid health & fitness evangelist who strives to inspire everyone to engage a healthy lifestyle that entertains longevity. His philosophy is that fitness isn’t something you decide to engage on a temporary basis; it’s a lifestyle. The “Str8Beasting” workout is geared toward bringing out your inner beast – and failure is not an option. This isn’t as nefarious as it sounds. It means that we take an integrative approach to fitness. By combining traditional exercises such as calisthenics and cardio with nutritional advice and life counseling, our trainers can help improve your overall lifestyle and attitude – and that’s how you become a beast!

Ray’s Definition of “Str8Beasting”:
“It’s is when you go completely hardcore. It’s when you bring out your inner beast as you to complete a fitness task! It’s when you enter your workout electrified, only see red, and refuse to accept failure as an option! Str8Beasting is what separates the boys from the men, and the girls from the women!”.